There was a time in gothic Barcelona, where thousands of superheroes are highly demanded to work for tech giants.

Superheroes are approached by head hunters and scammers, who give them empty promises and keep breaking their trust. They are hiding in schools and groups for talented minds, feeling lost and afraid. Superheroes have so many options but without a clear vision which one to choose from.

They have the hope to finally find the company to trust.

 Among the chaos, there is one company that wants to do things differently by targeting  super talented minds and foster the culture of true talent acquisition.


In those dark times, 4 brave design thinkers emerge. They want to understand the superheroes market and help this company to find the most talented superheroes in gothic Barcelona to join the NetSuite Power League.

These design thinkers are the face of LYNKO,  a company that fulfils intentions:



LYNKO has decided to help NetSuiteAn IT company that was founded in 1998. NetSuite is the pioneer in development of cloud business software. It’s software is used by more than 30k organizations including GoPro, AirBnB, Spotify and HyperloopOne.

Offices are distributed across the world, even though the main focus of this research project is on Barcelona office specializing in order management solutions. It started as an acquisition of the product Order Motion in 2013 and from the initial 7 people it grew to 40+ over the years. 2016 was the most significant for the whole office.

It experienced massive growth of 51% and on top of that, members of the office started spreading the word via conferences, meetups, hackathons, etc. At the end of year, Oracle acquired NetSuite and the adventure begins…..


The challenge lies on high demands from hiring managers, who are eager to  bring people with the right mindset, social skills and culture fit that is almost like searching for an extended family member.

Bringing in a “rotten apple” could mean the decrease of morale for the rest of the group. Decision makers are working hard on preventing such situation. Currently, the company is still growing and requires more super heroes to be part of the team. During this process, LYNKO was given a mission and they set on their quest….

Picture5The mission contains 2 specific goals from Radka, EMEA recruitment leader of NetSuite, based in Czech Republic: She asked LYNKO to:

  •    Create persona for 5 profiles: Technical Writer, Developer, Quality Assurance            Engineer , Product Owner and UX designer
  •    Design an effective hiring process

However… LYNKO realized that these personas should follow the company’s requirements while analyzing the current job market. Using design thinking framework, LYNKO modified the mission by creating empathy between the superheroes and NetSuite.



LYNKO will implement design thinking to produce a strategy that is focused on the market and the superhero’s profiles and needs. Then, LYNKO matches those profiles with the company’s requirements, through an effective and engaging candidate experience.


For the mission, the team will implement strategies of time organization using:

  • Gantt Chart for timeline management
  • Trello and Google Drive for team communication
  • WebEx for client communication
  • WhatsApp

Some of the methods  and channels:

  • Research
  • User Journey
  • Interviews
  • Survey
  • Video
  • Workshops
  • Activities
  • Conventions
  • Pilot sessions
  • Testing
  • Prototyping

Picture9Picture10In order to create the structure and strategy for the mission,  LYNKO is on the quest to identify their stakeholders: candidates, companies, universities, legal entities, employees and social channels.

With the following criteria:

  • Cost
  • Relevance
  • Time

To make hiring process more efficient, the company requires relevant superheroes, so they won’t spend too much time = money on interviewing irrelevant superheroes.


The path to follow is to frame around a complete research and understanding of the current market and superheroes. All this process, will be follow by using the channels in order to attract attention from these candidates.(like honey to bees) (making NetSuite desirable).

The purpose is to make them feel that working with NetSuite is the best option. Based on that, LYNKO will create the personas to fit the 5 requested positions for NetSuite. The hiring process will be a co-creation with the NetSuite, in order to guarantee a fun and efficient experience for both parties. In the end,  5 new amazing superheroes will join the NetSuite Team.


To start this adventure of seeking the best superheroes out there,

LYNKO needs to answer these questions

  • Where can we find these superheroes in Barcelona?
  • What are their needs, lifestyle, goals, expectations?
  • Why do they stay or leave Barcelona?
  • Who and what are the competitors offering?
  • What are the standard compensation packages?
  • What are the current hiring process trends?
  • What is NetSuite’s current hiring process?




How might we help designers and business leaders, create a mutual empathy and communicate in a design vocabulary?

We researched the topic and created a stake holder map where we could re-frame the question base on a persona that we’ve created. 1

when we honorthe earth, we honor ourselves (3)persona-01


Carmen was approached to develop a communication platform for front end developers and UX designers; allowing them to provide constant feedback, project updates and content management.

After 6 months, she delivered a working prototype tested on 150 users with great feedback. Client offered her initial capital to launch a business of 40 people in the first year and much more in the future.

She’s managed to hire 5 people. Shortly they’ve became demotivated, as she was crushing all of their idea with cold criticism. Like she could only acknowledge ideas of her own.

When 3 of her colleagues left the company, she realized, that something has to change…

How can we help Carmen develop emotional intelligence to become respected manager so she can scale her business and improve the communication with co-workers?

“What if I forget what it’s like to be the designer?”

About Carmen
Age: 28

Education: MA in Web Design (UCL London), Postgradual in Coolhunting, Global Design Trends (Elisava, Barcelona)

Internship: Digital planner – Ogilvy Digital, Chicago, US, Content editor – Indeed PRIME, Dublin, Ireland, Field researcher – Freedom & Democracy NGO, El Salvador

Professional experience: Visual designer – Novartus (2 years), SR UX Designer – eDreams ODIGEO (3 years), Digital product designer – Freelance (2 years – ongoing)

User cases, User journeys, A/B testing, KPI, Personas, Usability testing, Wireframing
Visual design, Sketching

HTML5, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Objective C

Software proficiency
Axure, Invision, xCode, Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch, Illustrator, Flash

Spanish, Catalan, Romanian, English

Career progression from individual contributor to management
Learn soft skills she never thought she will use
Overcame imposter syndrome
Admit that she can’t do everything alone

1300 followers on Instagram
Co-organizer of Barcelona beer festival
Her dog feels she’s good human, even though she often doesn’t feel like one
Barcelona TEDx speaker (Equality of women in tech)

Naturaly good listener
Solid communicator
Understand both designers and developers
Knows how to lead project
Wide variety of skills
Fast executioner
Full stack

Room for improvement
More competitive than collaborative
Protective of her ideas
No formal managerial education
Too hands on, can’t really delegate
Way too rational
Needs to improve mental and verbal flexibility, simplify language when needed
Build confidence
Digital narcism – she loves when men comment her provocative posts

The team decided to design an emotional journey for Carmen to improve and reflect. The journey was decided to cover her personal issues and defining her life goals. The entire journey will lasts for 1 month and at the end she will have a different perspective.

Board game-A3