LYNKO started as a group of 4 strangers from different countries.

  • Ondrej is from Czech Republic and has Master’s in Economy focus on HR. (LinkedIN)
  • Amournit is from Thailand and is a Design Engineer performed line products. (LinkedIN)
  • Milé is from Colombia and is an Architect/Interior designer. (LinkedIN)
  • Jean Nie is from Singapore and is a Creative Technologist/Art director (LinkedIN)

All begun with a deep concern about how all of us will work and interact together for the rest of the semester. After the rest of the teams were set up, we ended up together and starting from scratch. It was a long 30 minutes of questions about our life in Barcelona, backgrounds and most of all, our goals and perspectives of the class.

The following activity was to create a TEAM CANVAS. The main goal of this canvas is to put us all into the same page of goals, purpose and responsibilities for each individual and the group in general.

Almost immediately after the activity started, we recognized so many things in common and we were kind of reflecting into each others personality and needs. We recognized our bound is to work together and grow together, complementing each other with our own set of skills and knowledge. That despite the fact we are different from different backgrounds, personality and goals in life, we all agreed in work as a team bringing the best of each of us and inspiring, learning and growing together.

Here is a brief of the canvas so each of us can have it in mind all the time and come back here to remind us the purpose of the project and the team.