After our first presentation, we started deep diving into research about the stakeholders of the project, the insides of the processes from other industries and understanding the journey of the candidate during the entire process in NetSuite.

One of the big part of our research is approaching actual candidates that passed for a hiring process recently or in their last job position. We focused on understanding the candidate’s emotions, expectations and overall the process in each of the industries.

The candidates are friends and people we know from different industries besides IT. Our big intention is understanding the hiring process not just for IT community, but how other industries methodologies of selection could inspire and help in our Hiring process for NetSuite.

Lynko, also approach people inside NetSuite to understand the actual hiring process and give us inside of the problem. Has been a process of a month. Around 20 interviews from other industries have been made and other 5 other from NetSuite employees.

Our goal is to gather enough information of needs, processes, methodologies, ambience, emotions and experiences to analyze how we could implemented into our Customer journey and prototyping of an ideal hiring process.

Here some insights of the questions ask to the candidates that were interviewed. We recorded video or audio to share between us.


Name, Age, Name of company, Background (specific uni), Nationality, Position, Years of experience, Location of the job

Could you tell us step by step about your latest successful interview experience?

-when is it?


-source (referral, friend inside of the company)

-can you tell me the interview process?

-how many steps and what were they about

-when did you learn about salary

-why did you chose this company


-how did they invite you (contact point)

-how did you prepare (did they give you hints about the content what might help you)

-dress code


-who received you upon arrival

-first impression of the company


-how long was interview

-how many people present

-what were their roles

-type of interview

-how was the interview

-what was the questions?

-insights of the questions


-you alone or several candidates at the same time

-what were the questions you prepared for them

-something caught your attention

-challenging question

-next steps (homework)


-how long did it take to return to you with feedback

-how was feedback

-did they prepare you for the next round

-how long it took to schedule next round


What does offer consist from?

What are the incentives?


How long are you planning to stay? Y porque?

What are you growth expectations from the company?

What do you wanna get from the company?

What would you improve about this process?

How did you feel from this experience?

What would be the perfect candidate experience / hiring process for you?


Now we are in the process of collecting and comparing the data and be able to have a clear picture of the different processes, Hiring processes and difficulties that candidates face during  the hiring process.