In Lynko, we have been always concern about the experience of the candidates and to the company members in the process. We designed Suite Heroes as the platform that will help both sides to have the best experience ever, right? Inside of us we felt that this could not be it, that there is something more that we could do in order to be more innovative and take this hiring process beyond just a virtual platform.

Berlin gave us the inspiration of making this process different and unique. So, we asked ourselves… what if we take each step of the process and make it physically? What if we change the typical routine of interviews in a desk and make it playful and dynamic? Well, that it’s what we did. We took each step and modified into an experience and activity that will help us to measure the skills according to the matrix. We want the process to really represents the company; the startup culture, super hero atmosphere and new opportunities.


Train Map


  • Starting with the process, we want to have a NetSuite Open house that is a social event that helps the company to get exposure and candidate to understand and see the culture and the way of working inside the company. This activity is for people in the industry and those interested in looking for a job or just curious about the company. We want to get attention from candidates in an organic way. We want the candidates to remember us and wanting to join us.
  • The screening round happens when the candidate applies and the recruiter sees potential in your profile. He or she will call you and without you knowing it, that phone call will become the first interview where social and technical skills are asked in a way that candidates feels confident and relax
  • Social round will be an activity that a lot of people know and had play with. Lego is a methodology that could show the personality and social skills of the candidate. The idea is to have this session with the interviewer in a dynamic way asking candidate to create something depending of the matrix that the position requires.
  • Technical round is another activity that will cut the tension of the candidate and will make him feel competitive and challenged. For this round, we want to use the escape room game. It is about 4 different spaces or rooms in where the candidate will have certain test and a time, that if he or she resolve on time and correctly get to unlocked the next door and consecutive until finish it all.
  • Final round is hold in a different environment from the company. We suggest a coffee shop or a lounge. In this space, the hiring manager and candidate will have a friendly and relax chat for the hiring manager to get to know the candidate more and compare his perception and results with the previous rounds
  • If candidate is hired, he gets into the process of training- then candidate start working and is received by colleges

With this hiring  process, we want to use it as a tool of differentiation from competitors, a marketing tool that could help us to attracted candidates and being know from our way to give our candidates the best experience before even start working.

On the other hand, if candidates don’t pass to the next round, the candidate will be part of our heroes’ cloud; a place that NetSuite storage all the information from candidates to be used and get in touch when a new opportunity comes by. Also with this different way of interviewing, they will become brand followers and recommend the company to others.

This concept could be use not just for NetSuite, but any company could be able to adapt their message, matrix and question for their own hiring process.



One thought on “WHAT HAPPENED IN BERLIN ??

  1. One very important thing is how to deal with people once they are hired and start interacting in a day by day basis with the rest of the company internal teams, clients etc. Hiring processes should consider the evaluation of the capacities but also how that new hire becomes a member of a community with day by day challenges. It is easy to fall in love but not that easy to keep it running…
    Big learnings for the project and also for life 🙂


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