SUITE HEROES – Hiring process Platform


What is hiring process?? For us started as the journey that each candidate has to go through in order to get a job. Later on,  we discovered how other behind the scene characters like recruiter, interviewer and hiring manager have a huge impact into the whole process.

Hiring process in NetSuite is a simple but long one. It takes 7 people during the entire process plus not to mention the inconsistent system to rate the candidates and conduct the interviews. At this point, Lynko focused on ideate a system that could help, not just the candidate during the journey, but also to give some clarity and systematization to the members of NetSuite.

It’s when Suite Heroes was born. Suit Heroes is a platform attached to the main website page of the company. Suite Heroes is a virtual platform where the candidate can have step by step, time and feedback of the entire hiring process. On the other hand, Suite Heroes will help to all the members of the company to schedule interviews, compare profiles, see results and share between them information about the candidates and the process.

With this system, NetSuite could have the chance to have a systematic hiring process. For each of the phases of interview, it will be a template with the basic requirements of questions and activities to have an accurate candidate result.

We face now the challenge to developed a Matrix that will help us to get those results more organized and give structure to the platform. The candidate matrix is vital in order to develop the questions and tests for each individual depending on the job requirements from the company and also the way to score each candidate.







One of the big part of our project has been these 2 weeks of work around understanding the journey of our candidates. We had the chance to clearly see the actual process that the candidates have to face right now in order to be part of NetSuite.


During this period, we had to develop a way to sum up the personas, otherwise it will be too complicated to place all in one customer journey.  We have 5 personas that are candidates, each of them have a different journey during hiring process.

Therefore, our strategy was to have 2 personas for candidates that represent senior and junior. Besides those, we understand that the company has 3 main personas that contribute and make the hiring process a reality. We chose the recruiter, Interviewer and hiring manager.

For this workshop, we developed these 5 personas, to understand the actual journey of the candidates  and the Net Suite team to see the touch points, the actions and the opportunities to improve.

Then, developed the Journey for each of the users + the experience from the company. 

During the class we developed the blue print from QA engineer  and we are in the process of getting more details from candidates and Hiring manager