Stakeholders research started during class, discovering who is the people that are related to our project and how they can affect our journey. We developed a different  maps and diagrams recognizing which companies or personas are more important for us.

We identified different entities that will give us more insides :

  • Candidates
  • Companies
  • Universities
  • legals
  • employees
  • Social channels

We tried to show in a 3D model, not successful, still developing how to show it in a clear way.

Ffrom our research we have the following top 5 stakeholders in each entity. We are in the process of verifying the information.

Top 5 Universities based on Computer Science & Information system World Ranking Location Ranking
1.    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona 101-150
2.    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Madrid 101-150
3.    University of Barcelona Barcelona 151-200
4.    University Complutense Madrid Madrid 151-200
5.    Carlos III University of Madrid Madrid 151-200
Top 5 IT communities (Meetups) based on Number of members Location Members
1.    MadridJS Madrid 3,719
2.    UX academy Madrid 2,196
3.    BarcelonaJS Barcelona 2,111
4.    Startup Grind Barcelona Barcelona 2,006
5.    Big Data Developers Barcelona Barcelona 1,742
Top 5 Competitors based on Job seeker views in Spain Location Job views
1.    eDreams Barcelona 1,568
2.    Wallapop Barcelona 1,538
3.    GFT IT Consulting, S.L. Spain 1,508
4.    Beabloo Barcelona 897
5.    Digital Origin Barcelona 797
Top 5 Websites search for jobs based on IT job results in Barcelona Job results
1.    Linkedin 818
2.    Jobfluent 394
3.    InfoJobs 192
4.    Expatica jobs
5.    Europe Language Jobs

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