Every group at MIDI had the chance to meet with Jorge, the director of the course, to discuss the projects, insights and the brief for each project.

Here it’s the summary of the meeting and all what Jorge suggested and proposed for us to have in mind during the initial phase of the project.


  • The priority is to look at what is available in the market, where to find the requirements of the company and validate it to adjust the different personas
  • Based on these requirements, validate it with the existing market
  • How the market behaves
  • Understand who is in Barcelona (candidate) age, lifestyle, approach, expectations, requirements
  • Where to find them
  • Options for NetSuite (global or local hunting)
  • Social locations – it community
  • What happened with people that stays in Barcelona and leaves


  • The format of hiring in the company and Barcelona
  • Managers knowledge about the market and the candidates
  • Skill + process
  • Using workshops and collaboration to teach people about hiring requirements and job hunting
  • IT startups collaboration

Managers need to understand how the Barcelona market has to offer and adjust the persona. Otherwise, NetSuite will have to open the position to global candidates and persuade them to come to Barcelona.


  • Budget plan of the strategy, activities, prototypes
  • Bringing people together (workshops, parties, reunions, classes, videos)
  • Marketing strategy (letting people know NetSuite is in Barcelona)
  • Pilot sessions

After the meeting we had a clear idea of how to approach and re-designed our brief more clearly.


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