We started the week visiting the our client’s headquarters here in Barcelona. The primary goal was for us to understand the company, the functionality and the elements to have in mind in order to develop the projects.

Ondrej, Project Manager of the team, is the main recruiter of NetSuite in Barcelona. He gave us a presentation of the company and lead us to understand the challenge that we have to solve for the client.

Here the insides of the meeting:

NetSuite was founded in 1998. Started as a company providing cloud solutions to enterprises to manage accounting, CRM and ERP. There’s various offices in different countries and it started in Barcelona since 2013 with only seven people. Oracle bought NetSuite in 2016. That same year, Barcelona office worked on the E-commerce Suite development and grew by 51% in staff employment.

Currently, the company is still growing and requires more professionals to be part of the team. That lead us to focus on improving the recruitment process for these potential candidates.

The recruitment process starts with the hiring managers deciding on the type of candidate that they are searching for. Then, the recruiter get the information and start searching for the best that fit these requirements. Followed by a phone call that could take 30-60 minutes. If candidate pass , he/she will get another call for a technical screening follow by a meeting in person and lastly a test of their programming skills. If the candidate passes this point, he/she will get a final interview with the manager, followed by an offer.

This whole process could take up to a month for each candidate. The main problem in NetSuite has a the high hit rate when it comes to recruitment. One of the things that the recruitment department have done in order to reduce the hit rate are conferences, social media, events that involves getting to know people and potential candidates.

There are many factors that makes the selection process complicated. First of all, the hiring managers have high expectations of the job market that has few candidates that fits the role. They tend to be more picky.


Another factor is that NetSuite doesn’t have a marketing team that helps in getting people know that they are in Barcelona, so candidates could come to look for jobs. At the moment, the recruiter is wearing multiple hats, including branding one.

It was interesting to see the many opportunities and routes that we can take in order to reduce the recruitment process’s hit rate. One of the ideas is to focus on marketing, getting people to know the company using activities, workshops etc. During those exercises, it’s highly possible to be able to search and find suitable candidates. We can start creating a database of the personas and when a certain position is open, whole the team will have better understending of requirements and verbalized fits for the positions.

Overall, our first meeting in NetSuite was a success and we felt empowered to start the discussion to find out the different solutions for this project.



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